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The Fan ~ Chapter XI

Title: The Fan ~ Chapter XI
Author: [info]clovert
Rating: eventual R
Pairing: Aimiya, Ohmiya
Summary: Everything was spinning out of control for Nino.
A/N: Inspired by this creepy music video: Epik High's MV "Fan". This is a collaboration with [info]kokkaii.

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Chapter XI:

He couldn't tell how many days had passed, between waking and fainting in pain.

It didn't matter any more whether he was awake or asleep. It didn't matter whether he was dead or alive, he just wanted the pain to stop.

His body felt like it's being hammered every passing hour, minute, second; yet he couldn't move. He can't even budge for an inch, and the ice cold chain locked around his waist served as mockery.

The scent of blood in the air; the suffocating smell of the sweaty blanket covering him... strangely, he could still register these little details in his muddled mind. Just like how he could still feel that man's constant presence around him, drowning him. Whether this man was helping him or killing him, Nino didn't care any more. He knew without a doubt that he was never going to let him get out of this goddamn basement.

Despair never really settled in until now. He had been fooled, by the childish demeanor and false sense of calm.

How could he not come to realize after so long?

This man, is insane.


Escaping sounded easier when he was planning it than when he was standing in front of the heavy door, the small hairpin between his fingertips.

It had all been a perfect opportunity given to him: with Aiba-chan going out, the cell door left unlocked, and the hair pin that was accidentally left behind in the bathroom.

He thought that someone actually answered his prayers, just when Satoshi was in trouble, luck had finally taken pity on him.

He had unlocked the chain, placed it back into his cell, and hid in the bathroom. Aiba-chan would unlock the basement door when he comes back. If he could seize the opportunity and run upstairs before he was discovered missing from his room, then he would be home free.

But then he saw Satoshi.

He had been lifted up to heaven.

And then kicked straight down to hell.


His arm moved on reflex, slapping away the offending object from his forehead.

"Don't touch me."

He glared at the other man, who looked back at him with sad innocent eyes, as if he didn't do anything wrong. His forehead feels like it had been scorched where the man had touched, and Nino wanted very much to tear that look off his face.

"Kazu-chan! You finally spoke!" The man's eyes lit up in front of him. Nino cursed inside his head for breaking his resolve to ignore the man. He turned his head to the other side angrily.

"You didn't react to anything, I was so worried." The man stepped to the other side of the bed and reached for him again. Nino edged back on the bed as much as he can and glared out his refusal. Up until two days ago, he hadn't been able to move at all. The constant pain that shot up his leg was enough to torture him around the clock.

He hadn't been taken to the hospital, let alone given a proper treatment. At times it had been so horrible that he wondered if he can die from just pain. Despite the man's effort in trying to 'take care' of him with his poking and prodding, it only served as fuel to his anger.

"AH! I know~! Kazu-chan's angry! Aren't you?"


"Gomen ne, we can't take Kazu-chan to the hospital, because then they'll take Kazu-chan away." The man scratched his head sheepishly, as if he was talking to his teacher about losing his homework.

He's crazy, Nino thought. He's really crazy.

"But, but, Aiba-chan researched online! Kazu-chan will be okay, Aiba-chan will take good care of you. I even bought books ab--"

"--let me go, or let me die." He cut off the man's ranting coldly, not wanting to hear any more.

The man stared at him in shock, the excited expression that was there just a second ago slipped off his face. A twisted satisfaction rushed through Nino.

He stared at the man as if challenging him, daring him to answer. But instead of answering, the man fidgeted awkwardly and started rearranging the random medical items on the bed and floor. Out of irritation, Nino grabbed the bottle of antiseptic next to him before the man could reach for it.

"Release me--"

"--You must be hungry, I'll go and make--"

"--or just let me die."

"....Kazu-chan, I can't do that." The man stated quietly.

Nino started chuckling darkly. He doesn't understand this man at all. It was funny, what can't this man do? He's saying it as if he really doesn't have that power.

Nino felt rage.

"What do you want from me?! Why are you keeping me here?! I can't live like this forever!" He screeched, and flung away the bottle in his hand, "LET ME GO!!!"

The bottle exploded against the wall along with the liquid inside. The room went silent, and he could only hear his own breathing. There was a shuffling of feet, and then a shadow loomed over him.

Nino looked up.

"...So you can go back to Ohno Satoshi?" The dangerous light that flashed through the man's eyes suddenly made him uneasy.

"....This isn't about..." He hesitated.

"Why do you have to go back to him?"

"You're crazy."

"Why is it that he's all you think about?"

"Shut up." He attempted to cover his ears, but the man was faster. He grabbed his hands in an agonizing grip and shook him frantically.

"He *used* you, got all your limelight right from the beginning. He even lied on TV to get famous. He's using you again! He's not worthy to be your partner!"

"You have no right to--"



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