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(Drabble) Its a Love Song~

Sakurai Sho x Matsumoto Jun

Title: Someone to watch over you
Paring:Sakurai Sho x Matsumoto Jun
Rate: G
Summary: What happens when you put Sho and Jun together in a haunted house?

Jun and Sho were standing outside the door of the haunted house. A long narrow staircase lend to the bottom. Sho stood beside Jun shivering. Repeating the same thing: "i dont wanna do this." and "im scared,this is scary" Deep down inside Jun agreed with the older man but from the outside Jun remained calm.

"ready?" he asked to a nervous Sho. Sho looked at the stairs and then nodded. They took careful steps down the stairs,along the way Sho would let out a small cry everytime the floorboards creaked. Finally after what seemed like forever they reached an empty space. The phone rang and Sho yelped,Jun jumped before going over and answering it.


"Do you see that room on your right?"


"i want you 2 to go inside"

"Okay" Jun hung up and looked at Sho. He was looking around with wide eyes and biting his nails Jun chuckled "Sho can be so cute sometimes"

"Who was it?"

"It was just an AD,he wants us to go inside that room." He pointed to the room on his right


Jun walked towards the room with Sho trailing behind him. He could feel the older mans hot breath on his neck. He slowly turned the knob and walked inside.

"hey this isnt so bad." Jun said and smiled at Sho. Suddenly something black and white swooped down in the corner of his eyes, Sho screamed and jumped into Juns arms. Jun turned around to see a rag doll hanging in the air. Jun rolled his eyes.

"God Sho stop screaming it wont hurt you or anything." Jun said and extended out an arm to poke the doll.

"See" all of a sudden a cold hand grabbed Juns wrist. Jun yelped and pulled his arm away hugging Sho tighter. Sho snickered and said with a smirk

"did you just scream Jun?"

"uhhh n-no" Jun turned his head to hide his embrassment. Sho laughed and took Juns face in his hands

"dont worry,i'll protect you." and with that Sho kissed Juns nose gently as they left the room hand in hand.


Title: Just a normal Sunday afternoon
Pair: Sakurai Sho x Matsumoto Jun
Rate: G
Summary: The things that happen on Juns day off .

It was a sunday afternoon and Jun was enjoying his day off by listening to the radio and reading a book. A glass of wine was in his hand when he door bell rang. Thinking it was just a commercial guy he ignore it. A couple of rings later it stopped before it turned into furious knocks. Jun looked up from his book and sighed "

Cant i just enjoy my day off in peace?" After glaring at the door for another second hoping tha whoever it was would feel the glare and walk away Jun got up. He walked up to the door and opened it ready to spazz out on whoever it was and hope to teach them a lesson about not to disturb the Matsumoto Jun when he's relaxing. Before he could say anything or even look at who it was the figure dashed past him the scent of familiar cologne lingering in the air for a minute before it evaporated.A slam could be heard as the figure dashed into the bathroom.

"Sho...?" Jun thought frowning at the closed door. He sighed again and went back to his couch sitting down and continuing reading. When Jun looked up again it was already 6,

"well there goes half my day" He rubbed his eyes and decided to take a nap. He walked into his room to see a figure sprawled on his bed. He froze for a minute before letting out a sigh of relief realizing that it was just Sho. An idea suddenly had Juns face flushing with embrassment and excitement. He climbed into bed and snuggled up to Sho,the sudden warmth woke Sho up. His eyes fluttered open as Jun whispered

"You owe me a kiss now" in his ears. Sho smiled and slowly fell back to sleep as he replied a "mhn"

Title: Theres only you in my heart
Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Matsumoto Jun
Rate: G 
Summary: when you believe something that isnt true.

Jun slammed the door and locked himself in his room. He couldnt hold his tears in any longer,and if the other members saw they would know why. He saw them together,eatting dinner together at a fancy restaurant. It looked like they were having a great time,laughing and talking all the way. He didnt believe it at first,i mean they were just rumours made up by the paparazzis and the news. Or maybe he didnt want to believe it,because believeing it would hurt. He wished the feelings would just go away and then he remembered something his senpai told him.

"when your frustrated about your feelings just grab a piece of paper and start writing your feelings down,this always helped me to calm down."

Thinking that this would probably help he grabbed a piece of paper and started to spill out his feelings:

why do i still care soo much?
didnt i promise myself to forget?
but then every once in a while ill miss you 
and every once in a while ill think of you
why does forgetting have to be soo hard
and why do you always have to make my heart skip a beat even when it doesnt want to.
theres no point in liking you anymore
you wont care about me
think about me
miss me
you wont love me
because in your heart theres already someone else 

Sho stood outside Juns room,he was about to knock when he noticed the door was slightly opened. He hesitated for a while before walking in. The room was empty except for a piece of note on the table.

"he's probably in the washroom"

Sho walked to the bed and sat down,his fingers were shaking. He wanted to explain to Jun that they were just eatting as friends,that they havent seen each other
for a long time. But would he believe that? He got up and walked to the table and picked up the note,a bunch of scribbles and broken hearts where written on it. His heart dropped but he read the note anyways. He finished the last sentence and felt his own heart breaking too,he reached for the pencil that was left on the table and replied to Juns feelings:

why do you worry so much?
didnt i promise to love you
but then every once in a while we'll have misunderstandings
and every once in a while ill hurt you
and why does loving you have to be soo hard
and why do you always have to make me smile even when i dont want to
theres no point in trying to live without you anymore
you will care for me
you will think of me
you will miss me
and you will love me
because in my heart theres only you


Title:Find me if you can
Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Matsumoto Jun
Rate: G
Summary: What if you can have whatever you want just by winning hide and seek 

"... 8, 9 , 10 ready or not here i come!" Sho yelled as he was determined to find Jun and win the bet. It wasnt like everyday that you will get something you want just by winning hide and seek. Sho looked around the room,nothing seemed out of place. The leftover good were still on the table,the T.V playing one of their many concerts and everything was quiet.

"Damn he's good at this" Sho thought as he tiptoed into his room. He hesitated for a while before opening the door to his closet but all he saw were his clothes. He cursed and moved on to the living room,looking behind the T.V ,the curtains and even under the couch. Sighing and scratching his head Sho decided that Jun must be hiding in the hallway. Sho walked over to the door and opened it just a crack,looking around and once again finding everything in its place.

"Crap im so going to lose to Jun" a stream of curses came out as he fumbled around in the hall. Lifting up bags and stepping over shoes. pulling open doors and peeking under things and he still couldnt find Jun. He rolled up his sleeves and was about to get ready to tear up the whole house when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist making him gasp. He heard a snicker behind him before Jun said

"i win"a silly grin definetly plastered on his face,"now you have to buy me those designer sunglasses that we saw today,i hope your ready to spend ¥50,000 on those"



Title: Regretting
Pair: Sakurai Sho x Matsumoto Jun
Rate: G?
Summary: You only wanted to protect whats dearest to you

Sho knew what he was doing was bad, he knew that if Jun found out he might not want to be with him anymore but this was the only way to protect their relationship. He heard them talking,he sees them giving weird stares and he's not going to put Jun through this. It was 4a.m when he got home. He had lipstick kisses on his face,he smelled like various perfumes, and he was drunk. He didnt expect Jun to be waiting fot him as he stepped inside.

"Okaeri" Jun whispered. Sho jumped and whipped around. He was sober enough to tell that Jun wasnt mad.

"Tadaimas" he whispered back. Jun grabbed his arm and lend him to the bedroom.stripping off his work clothes and tucking him into bed. Jun didnt question Sho why he came home so late or why he had lipstick kisses all over his face, or why he smelled like someone elses perfume,or why he was drunk. Sho slept soundly grateful that someone like Jun was in his life but he didnt know that right beside him Jun cried himself to sleep.

Even in his dreams he heard them

"Are they gay"

"Do you think they're together?"

"Stop it im starting to not like them anymore"  And they would point and stare with disgusted faces and how Sho just wanted to run away. Run away with Jun to a place where being different was allowed. 

Sho turned in bed ready to hug the person next to him but he felt nothing but cold bed sheets. Sho's eyes slowly opened to be greeted with the morning sun. He sighed and wondered how long he needed to hang around girls being drunk before the public stops giving them stares. He once again came home late all drunk and smelly. And once again Jun said nothing and tucked him into bed. And once again Jun would cry himself to sleep. 3 months passed by and Jun was getting tired of crying,getting tired of pretending like nothing happened and tired of being hurt. Jun finally decided to leave Sho. It was a wednesday afternoon when he decided to give up. He sat on the leather sofa that he and Sho bought together and turned on the T.V. It was news hour and every single channel he turned to it said the same thing:

"Sakurai Sho on a date with Horikita Maki?!"  Jun knew it was just a rumour he knew not to believe in them. But how could you not when you see your own boyfriend linking arms with some girl. With a smile on his face that you never saw him have when he's with you? A single tear slid down Jun's face. Realizing that maybe all this time Sho wanted a normal relationship with a girl.

Sho came home to be greeted by silence

"Maybe Jun went grocery shopping" He walked down the dark hallway and opened the door to a dark room. He turned on the lights and noticed immeditely that Jun's things were missing. His heart started hammering in his chest.He entered their bedroom and his eyes fell on an envelope on the desk. He slowly walked toward it each step bringing terrifying thoughts into his head. He hovered over the envelope starring at the letters until it burned into his mind. "To Sakurai Sho" He took in a deep breath before opening the envelope

When i first met you i thought you'll be the one i'll spend the rest of my life with. But now i dont even know who you are. you dont care about me anymore,look at me anymore, talk to me anymore,or say i love you to me anymore. I feel like you dont even know I exist anymore. Then I realize that I wasnt happy,that I was always crying and was always getting hurt when im with you. Maybe all this time I was just wasting my time being beside you. I hope you live a better life without me there.


A tear fell onto the paper and soon droplets of tears started to blur the sentences. And all Sho could say was:

"I know I made a lot of mistakes and I know it's not enough to just say im protecting you but the thought of you getting hurt....I'm sorry."

Notes: Senpai is someone that is older than you or in a more simple way your senior.
Tadaimas means "im home"
Okaeri means "welcome home" 
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