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World Is Mine ~ Prince version ~

Title: World Is Mine ~ Prince version ~
Author: [info]clovert
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Aimiya
Summary: He was his number one princess...
Disclaimer: I don't own the song or Vocaloids or Arashi.
A/N: HAPPY AIMIYA DAY!!!! It's the 14th anniversary of the day they met~! So I finally got my lazy bum moving and wrote something. It's kinda a song fic based on this. [info]kokkaii's writing the princess version~~~


/First off, by any chance, did you cut your hair? I hope you don't mind if I touch it a bit
Second, those new heels look good on you
Third, you don't need unnecessary chatter to add to your words
And look, since your right hand is empty, shall we hold hands?/

He was a little late by the time the time he reached to the stop. So when he jogged out of the Akihabara station, he came face to face with an angry but cute Kazu-chan.

"What time do you think it is?!" A hand came down on his head.

"Gomen! I promise I won't be late for the next date!" He apologized sheepishly, but earned another hard smack on his head.

"Who said it was a date!?"

"Kazu-chan you really don't have to go through the trouble of getting a hair cut just for our date."

"It's not a date, who would go on a date with an idiot?!"

"Oh those new boots look good on you."

"Thanks-- don't change the topic! This is not a date!"

Blah blah blah blah....

His little princess sure loves to talk a lot.

"Let's get going before your limited game gets sold out." He grabbed Kazu-chan's right hand and started down the road.

Blushing faces are always accompanied by instant silence.


/I know that the things you do are just to make you look tough
So don't worry, you're as adorable as always, okay?/

"I told you I don't need your help."

The lanky arm yanked itself out of his grasp, and the shorter man tried to walked faster, away from him.

He secretly giggled at the comical way Kazu-chan was walking. So you do get drunk with just one cup of sake.

"Kazu-chan~~" He suddenly called out loudly.

"What?" The said person grumbled under his breath and turned around.

"You're adorable!"

Kazu-chan's mouth twitched, and he used the opportunity to run forward and latch onto the younger man.


/The loveliest princess in the world
What is your request? ...Got it
I'm on my way, so don't feel lonesome
Just who do you think I am?
I'm your knight in shining armor!
Say no more! If you'd like some pudding, it's in the fridge/

He tapped his foot impatiently while looking at the switching numbers on the panel above the elevator door. Images of Kazu-chan being sick and in pain kept on haunting his mind, and he really should have taken the stairs instead.

When he got a call from Sho-chan about Kazu-chan coming down with a high fever, he was so frantic that he almost cried. But of course he couldn't do that, because he was Kazu-chan's knight! And when Kazu-chan is in trouble, he will definitely come and save him.

"Yosh!" He gave himself a little cheer and checked the contents of his grocerie bags again.

New DS game, check. New Wii game, check.

Milk buns, check. Chicken soup, check. Pudding, check.

And of course, Ma Po Tofu, because that cures ALL illness. 

Yup, he's definitely ready to make Kazu-chan feel better, he thought as he jogged out of the elevator.


"...I thought Sho-chan told you to bring me some medicine..."

"Ma Po Tofu?"

"Get out."


/There's no point in grumbling or complaining
That's all she ever does
Hm, now which was that dress she wanted...?
Wh-What? A white horse? If you insist...
Take my hand and we'll ride the merry-go-round
You'll have to be satisfied with this for now, my Princess/

"Seriously. Amusement park."  ¬__¬

"Yup."  ^__^

"That's not my idea of fun on a day off."  =__=#

"But... but... dates are supposed to be at amusement parks...." o>O<o

"What date?" =__=##

"But... didn't Kazu-chan called me...." ;__;

"I'm leaving." -___-###

"NOOO~~~ but we haven't went on the merry-go-round." TT__TT

"...." ¬__¬

"Just once?" >__<

"..." =__=

"Please?" >__<

"....fine." -__-


/I know that the things you do are just your way of acting tough
Oh? If you keep saying that, I'll have to bop you a couple times

I'm your prince, and yours alone
It's a little out-of-character for me
But it's not all that bad
You really are loved
I do believe that someday you'll realize this/

Matsujun finally made a grab for him after the eleventh time he's been in and out of the green room today.

"Seriously, if you keep spoiling him like that, he'll become a big fat slug." The youngest member of Arashi glared at the person curled up on the green room couch, immersed in his little gaming world, surrounded by the junk food and whatnot that he bought in.

As if the glare could hurt, he had the urge to drop the drink that he was holding and shield Kazu-chan from it.

"But... but... Kazu-chan can't take care of himself when he's playing a game." He try to explain how serious it would be if no one looked after Kazu-chan.

He watched as the younger member face-palmed and let out a defeated sigh.

He couldn't understand why Jun would make that kind of expression at all.


/I don't yet understand everything about you, and I don't think I ever will/

Subject: Dinner?

Done filming?
I'm somewhere nearby your studio.
Let's have dinner together.


Subject: Re: Dinner?

Just done filming! ^^
We had bunnies in the studio today,
they were so cute!
Kazu-chan should have visited.

Subject: Re: Re: Dinner?

Is that a yes or no?

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Dinner?

Oh, and Becky is coming too!
Where should we meet?


Subject: Kazu-chan?

Did you get my message?
Where should we meet?


Subject: Kazu-chan?
Why aren't you replying?

Subject: Hello? Anyone there?

Subject: is this a joke?

Subject: TT__TT kazu-channnnnn~~~



/A shortcake with a strawberry on top
And delectable pudding made from premium eggs
I put them in the fridge while you were asleep
With this I can breathe a sigh of relief
Yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to
So I'm prepared/

Weird. Definitely weird, he thought as he placed the last pudding into the fridge.

Lately, Kazu-chan's been having cravings for sweet things. And if it was any one else in Arashi, he wouldn't think twice. But this was Kazu-chan, the one who often had to be force fed.

It started last week, when Kazu-chan surprisingly dragged him out for ice cream after work. Then just the other day they went grocery shopping, he saw Kazu-chan dumped a dozen packs of pudding into the cart. Earlier this week, when he came over to Kazu-chan's house, he found the yonger one's fridge full of cakes.

And today, today Kazu-chan actually called him and asked him to bring in sweets.

It was weird.

He raked his brain for a reason.

Could it be....




/I suppose it's natural, because you are...

You're my princess, and mine alone
I'm looking right at you, so don't you go anywhere
Sometimes I'll hold you gently close to me
Of course, it's a little embrassing, so I cover it up with, "Careful, you'll be struck!"
...But perhaps it's me you're stricken by?/

Fairytales usually end with "And the prince and princess lived happily ever after", but he always thought that it was a little too simple when people summarize 60+ years of life into one sentence.

Surely there was more to that after the prince had defeated the monsters and found his princess.

If he had to write a book on the fourteen years with his princess, he'd be sure that it could fill up all the bookcases in Sho-chan's house. But of course, for his story, it didn't even follow the formula.

First of all, the Disney princes didn't even have to break a sweat to get their princesses to fall in love with them. But for him, it was a journey of many sacrifices and perils and games and consoles and lining up for limited editions and of course, money.

Not that his princess was materialistic.

Well, okay. That was a lie.

But he really didn't think it takes that much to make his princess happy. It was just that... well Sho-chan always told him that his methods were wrong. And when he looks at Riida, he would feel like one of the Final Bosses that his princess had beaten to a pulp.

His best friend once told him that his princess was high maintenance. At the time he kindly informed his best friend that he was too, and earned a painful smack to his head. Now that he thought about it...

Maybe... maybe... just a little?

But that didn't matter to him. Because this princess belonged to him and him only.

Fourteen years, fiften years, twenty years.... sixty years...

He was confident that their story wouldn't end like all the other fairytales, because the last line will always be,

"to be continued."
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